Buying Virtual Calling Cards Online vs. Retail Prepaid Phone Cards

The internet has brought a lot of innovation in this world and made the world much smaller. Today is the age of email and instant messaging but still we all need to call our loved ones over the phone. Just a few years back, one could call another country or state either buy vcc  through the local carrier or using a calling card bought from a nearby retail shop. The long distance and international plans offered by the phone companies were astronomically high compared to today’s rates. And the retail prepaid calling cards were somewhat painful because you had to run to the store to buy them. And once you bought the calling card, you had to scratch the card to get your pin. Once you got the pin, you had to call the toll free number and then at the tone, had to dial the long pin. Gone are the painful days.Virtual Credit Card (VCC) For Paypal Account

Welcome to the new world of buying virtual calling cards online. With the advent and popularity of the internet, phone companies and other providers have started a new and innovative way of offering low cost calling options. Now we can sign up online with our credit card and get a pin emailed to us in a few seconds. And some companies like Reliance India Call and Pingo have this smart system called no-pin dialing. So all you have to do is sign up for an account and register the phone number you would usually call from. So next time you call the toll free number, the system does not prompt you for the pin and allows you to dial the long distance or international number directly. And once your minutes are over, you no more need to run to the store. Just login and recharge your account and you are all set to talk to your hearts content.

In addition to the ease of use, the companies or websites selling virtual calling cards online offer various promotion and have various rates for different countries. So you get to decide based on the loads of information on the various websites and decide for yourself which service is best for you. So do retail prepaid phone cards still sell ? Yes !! They do .. because there are still people around who do not know about virtual calling cards online. And lot of people do not access to the internet. But the ones who have access to the internet, they come across articles like this and get to know of the wonderful and hassle free world of buying virtual phone cards online.

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