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We live in a strange moment in. With the internet growing in exponential chaos and a myriad of areas of life are fragmenting into new shapes and forms as a result of this internet-connectedness. The music industry, and the artists creating within it-is in a state where the landscape is always changing. The process of identifying target demographics is effortless with the plethora of analytical tools available. Music has gone from being a mostly physical products to nearly entirely digital. Traditional marketing has shifted to social marketing and branding as direction.

With the advent of Spotify and other instant music streaming services putting music literally a click away record labels have barely edged out indies for total revenue in 2014. It is now the best time to let artists go without the backing of major labels and walk through the dark waters of the music business on their own. Besides, they sometimes hire to provide services such as advertising on social networks and other merchandise. Indie artists usually have more creative options than their major label counterparts. They also typically get a much higher cut of the money they make. If artists are paying out of pocket for these types of services, they might consider taking a shot at marketing their own social media. Check out our guide to 10 simple music marketing techniques for indie musicians.

1. Connect with your fans – They want to know what their most loved artists are doing. This simple concept is one of the primary reasons interviews are an essential element in the promotion of a band. Spend the time to tweet some of your own personal information or upload a quick video of you during the process of creating. One step further: you can retweet or respond to your followers. This will make them feel more connected to you. Spend the time to offer your fans a peak behind the red curtain.

2. Keep your social media up to Up To Date – There is nothing worse than visiting the band’s Twitter or Facebook page and seeing that their schedule is from the summer of last. You should be rearranging performance dates and venues the day you confirm them. Allow people to fit in their busy schedules and let them make it to your events. Beyond tour schedules, ensure that you update your content regularly so that fans have an exciting experience every time they visit your site.

3. Connect All Your Social Media Accounts – You should be using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as YouTube, and each should have links that connect to the other. Don’t bite off too much than you’re able to chew However. There are many social media sites. You don’t have to be using every single one of them.

4. Be Unique and Don’t Sound Like An advertisement – We’ve all heard of that band with a social media account that appears to be selling the product on each tweet or post. Be genuine! If there is something you do not like about a group’s social media page, learn from their mistakes.

5. Visuals, Visualsand Visuals – People get bored cheap likes for instagram of monotonous text. Videos and images catch the eye and will draw attention to your content and make them want to check out your content. Instagram’s entire model is based upon visuals, and it’s worth $33 billion. Snap a photo in the studio or create an video that sends a brief message to your fans. Actually, pictures and videos get a higher organic news feed than pure text posts on Facebook.

6. Stay active and post regularly – Nothing suggests “we don’t care” quite like a group whose last tweet was made two years ago. Every moment of your day doesn’t have to be filled with platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but often posting is a great way to keep fans in touch with your band.

7. DO NOT SPAM – Keep Content original! posting the same status or tweet with the same text and linking every single all day is a major no-no. Don’t let your followers question whether it’s the artist or a robot controlling their social media accounts. However, reusing very engaging content later on is totally acceptable.

8. Offer Exclusives to Fans – Giving out exclusives is a great method to offer fans a reward when they sign up for your Facebook and Twitter pages. You can upload an Mp3 on the internet and publish a link on your page where people who like your page can download it and store it in their music library. This is also a successful method to grow your database of email addresses.

9. Automate What You Can – Automation is not necessarily a bad thing. Conduct some research and find an effective tool to streamline your social media presence. There are several great apps available to help you plan your tweets and postings on Facebook.

10. You Can’t Rely Only On Facebook/Instagram/Twitter – This one is a little outside of the realm but still very much a social media tip. It’s not all you are! You’re a musical artist and not just a “Twitter Pic Of The Day” group. Connect with other people in the book industry, book events Don’t put all your eggs into one basket. Social media can be a great instrument for artists indie However, it’s not the ultimate solution.

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