Five Quick and Easy Stay-Cation Ideas

Out of ideas for your yearly vacation? Needing a break but can’t really afford it? If a getaway out of town is not an option, why not stay right where you dab rigs under are? All you need for a quick pick-me-up is some great ideas to turn your very own hometown or city into the best vacation you’ve ever had. Here are five of our favorites:4 Things You Need to Know About Bubblers | Toker Supply Head Shop

Drop by your favorite drugstore, department store, or beauty bar, and pick up some bath salts, foot scrubs, super rich moisturizing lotions, nail polish – even a hot foot soak bubbler if you can afford it! – to set up a home spa for you and your friends. Take turns scrubbing your troubles and smoothing your cares away – without having to pay the high prices charged by most spas and salons.

If your kids are begging for you to take them to a theme park, but you’d rather spend all that money on new clothes or shoes for them – here’s a great alternative: pack a picnic lunch, bring a kite (you can get a store-bought one, or even make one with your kids!), and take them to the biggest, nicest park in your city. Sit in a blanket, eat lunch, and run around – it’ll be cheaper than park tickets for four, and will be much more memorable and fun!

Schools, universities, and clubs are always holding performances and competitions for choirs, marching bands, acting troupes, and everybody else in between – and many of these events offer free admission. Show some support for your local youth groups and communities by attending these events — getting entertained is just the icing on the cake.

The last time you probably walked into a museum, gallery, or planetarium, was during your elementary or high school years when you were herded along by your school teachers. Why not give it another try – and maybe you’ll enjoy yourself this time around. Wander through centuries-old human artifacts, savor the creativity and craftsmanship of local artists, and marvel at the vastness of space – all without breaking the bank.If you’re in the mood for a bit of splurge, you can still indulge yourself without going over your budget. Take a peek at your local paper or free ads magazine to search for deals on hotel stays – there are often great offers for last-minute bookings and on off-peak weekends. Book your room, walk into the hotel, and leave all your cares at the door. Wine, dine, dance, lounge, swim, and spa the hours away – you’ll come back from your stay-cation rejuvenated and ready to take on the work week.

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