Following another vehicle

With so many pedestrians, other drivers, huge semi trucks, weather and other challenges motorists must take the necessary precautions to get to their destination in a safe manner. Here is a list of road safety tips that those who are looking to drive safer may appreciate when they are navigating their route to work, going to the supermarket, or any other place.

Make sure you maintain your vehicle in a timely manner. Verify the fluids, filters and spark plugs. Also, check the belts and hoses before driving your vehicle. Make sure that the tires are properly inflated.

You can decrease the risk of having an accident by decreasing the distractions within your car as well! For instance, you can avoid the glare from the overhead lighting,certificate of conformity  which is commonly used by people for applying makeup or eating.

– Keep a check on your emotions , and don’t be angry at other drivers.

Focus on driving! There’s no point pounding on the steering wheel, yelling or honking the vehicle’s honk. These will only serve to distract you.

– Try being an attentive and prudent driver. Do not create an environment that could be a source of irritation for other drivers.

Do not flash your lights at other drivers.

– Don’t tailgate! Following another vehicle too closely can cause havoc should the person step on their brakes and stop immediately or encounter an issue. There isn’t enough time to react if are following them in a hurry.

If your car is in the fast lane, and the driver in front of you wants to pass, move to the right and allow the driver to pass.

– Make sure that you use the horn sparingly and avoid causing annoyance to other drivers.

Don’t make use of cell phones while driving. According to a study, one in every four accidents occurs due to cell phone usage. If you’re using the phone it is not just a huge distraction that hinders the brain’s ability to respond and attention span, but also you’re holding the phone with one of your hands, which should be in the steering wheel. If you must use a cell phone you should get off the roadway and pull off to the side to make use of it. Or get a hands free type phone. Hands-free phones are accessible that lets you speak on the phone with no having use your hands to carry the device. It is important to be sure to turn back to the side when you’re absorbed in a stressful conversation as you may not be focused enough on driving, and this could be an hazard for you as well as other drivers.

If you’re close to a railway crossing, make sure you lower the speed limit of your car and to obey any signals or crossing notices. You’d be surprised how many people die each year from getting hit by a train due to the belief that they are able to beat the train.

When you’re near a rail crossing, shut off the radio and open the windows so you can hear if trains are moving towards you or not.

Do not stop your vehicle on rail tracks even if trains are not coming.

Rules for driving are always changing , and new distractions are constantly becoming popular. So, it’s your responsibility to stay informed of these regulations as well as any distractions. Do not believe that the driver behind you will be paying attention, because chances are, they probably aren’t. These simple guidelines and tips will assist you to reach your destination more safely and quickly and avoid accidents.

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