The Amazon Kindle With Special Offers – More Than Just An Adver-Kindle

The latest version of Amazon’s phenomenally successful Kindle reader – the “Kindle with Special Offers” – allows customers to get a $ 25 discount on the price of a standard Wi-Fi only Kindle. The latest Kindle will start shipping on May 3, and it does more than let you buy a Kindle for just $ 114 – it highlights a few of the reasons why the Kindle is such a great success for Amazon, prompts some questions about the method of pricing e-book readers whilst simultaneously hinting at other products which Amazon may see fit to develop and launch, possibly in the near future.Thousands of Amazon employees ask the company to adopt a climate change  plan - The Verge

The latest entry level Kindle puts adverts and special offers on Kindle screen saver pages in place of the pictures of famous authors used in earlier, standard Kindles selling on amazon. There will also be ads featured near the bottom of the home page menu screen. The actual reading experience is, according to Amazon, not affected, Amazon will earn money thanks to ad revenue and extra sales, which means that consumers can get their hardware at a reduced price. There’s something in it for everyone.

Of course, there will be those who are unhappy about the notion of adverts on their Kindle, but some people seem to dislike the entire concept of e-book readers pretty much on a point of principle. It’s a matter of personal preference when all’s said and done. In any event, anyone who is uncomfortable with adverts on the Kindle can pay a little extra and get the standard, ad-free, model.

There are a number of companies with Kindle ad campaigns prepared and ready to launch. Chase, Procter and Gamble, Visa and General Motors are a selection of the companies who want to see adverts for their products on the Kindle. However, it seems reasonable to suppose that a large percentage of the ads will be for special offers which will be available direct from the Amazon website.

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